101Div is a Web and Mobile App development Company
our mission is to help South Africa’s local, independent business owners thrive, in their Business and reach more people in the internet. Get in touch with us, let us help you and your business grow the current clientbase with the help of our special team ready to assist you, grow your business by listing, website developing, and centralising your business with us.
101Div is here to help your business with all the social media, digital adverting, online presence, and marketing needs your business requires
BIG or Small it helps and intergrade everyone to one Central Information Grid for business navigation online. The main purpose of the 101Div platform is to help businesses with all the online tools your businesses needs to make life easy for all that want to search and find the, services they want or need.


Create a strong brand for your business and drive traffic to your website. A combination of online display and social ads allows you to reach a broad audience while increasing frequency to consumers that may be interested in your business.
We do web designing, develop websites for all types of businesses. We specialise in creating modern websites, custom web development, web services eCommerce websites, with all the payment gateway systems available in the markets.

We strive for the best on all the projects our TEAM embarks on, As all our clients come to us for the best modern looking websites,suitable for their image, as we also provide services for small business start-ups.

We cater for every kind of business small or BIG regardless of size we do the best for all. We focus all our 100% best for our clients, and meet their needs equally. We also do business registrations, with all types of business needs.
What Is Content Marketing

Content marketing is a type of marketing focused on creation and distribution of online materials that directly or indirectly promote a brand. Direct promotion refers to the creation of promotional materials and content used for advertising purposes. This type of content is usually used in paid ads (SEM) or affiliate links (affiliate marketing). On the other hand, content marketing is frequently void of any direct promotion. The purpose of this kind of content is simply to increase interest in your products or services. This way, content marketing indirectly attracts and acquires leads and customers.
Can It Help My Business

Looking at online marketing in general, it can be concluded that content marketing is a type that correlates with all other types of marketing because it essentially creates a base for them. In terms of SEO, content helps with keyword placement and website optimization. For email marketing and social media marketing, content is used to encourage interest through these two channels. The same can be said for paid advertising (SEM).
Importance Of Digitising My Business

At this point, when we are all witnessing the overall presence of digital marketing, we can no longer neglect the importance content marketing has. It has become a fundamental part of any digital marketing strategy. It is a pillar supporting all your efforts and attempts to position your brand on the market and achieve your business goals.
Can I Succeed Without Digitising My Business

No longer can a business be successful and establish a relationship with the target group without some type of content involved.